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>>> president obama pays a visit to the bay area sharing ideas tonight with silican valley movers and shakers. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the guest list is a who's who of the bay area. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in wood side where she watched the president's motorcade depart that area not too long ago. >> reporter: the dinner was held about a mile down the road. it just wrapped up within the last hour. take a look at some video we have that we took as president obama's motorcade drove by. the president was here for a private dinner at the home of john door. he's a big political donor for democrats including mr. obama. security was tight tonight as san mateo county sheriff's deputies and the secret service guarded doors to john door's home. as the motorcade pull into the dark wooded driveways, some neighbors say they are excited of the president's visit to the neighborhood. >> i think it's always good for the president to go out to the nation rather than bring people in to the white house. >> reporter: president obama was g
obama tomorrow. >>> and were tonight that a bookstore is going to close. -- ward tonight at a bookstore is going to close. >>> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, february 16. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> the rain and wind have led up by the effects of the bay area's latest winter storm are still being felt we are on storm watch tonight as more wet leather heads our way. today crews had there he had spoke cleaning up the -- had their hands full after cleaning up a huge pine tree. utilities crews worked to airlines had our cameras caught this rare sight today as he'll pounded our pavement. the hailstorm lasted only about one minute. it also hailed briefly in sp1 and in other parts of the bay area. >>> in this year is this winter storm is making driving treacherous. chains are required under state 80 east of gold run. several spin outs happened which snarled traffic. also caltrans tells us that trucks with more than one trailer are not being allowed over the summit and we will have a live
. >>> police are investigating graffiti that contains death threats against president obama and governor brown. the messages were spotted this morning in santa anna about 1 mile from where spray-painted graffiti threatened the governor last month bbc the obama and brown must die and there are slurs targeting the president,, and mexicans. the secret service has been notified. >>> dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries are being audited by the irs. janine de la vega explained why this couldn't for some of them to go out of business. >> reporter: it is run like a business. medicinal marijuana, illegal under federal law and cannabis collectives say that is a problem when it comes to how the irs treats them. under federal law marijuana is considered a controlled substance and they could apply tax code to ade that does not allow drug trafficking organizations to adapt business expenses. >> if it were applied strictly we would not be allowed to deduct our rights, payroll or any of the other normal and usual expenses. >> reporter: the attorney says 280e was created in the '80s to go after drug lords
the relationship was sexual but it is still a violation of the terms of his release. >>> president obama came down hard on libyan leader today announcing economic sanctions. the president is still defiant speaking to some 1,000 supporters in tripoli today. the obama administration says they are freezing the u.s. assets of him, four of his children and the libyan government. president obama called the ongoing violation in libya an extraordinary threat to national security. >>> president obama ordered those sanctions only after american citizens were safely out of libya and on the mediterranean island of malta. a ferry chartered by the u.s. government carried 300 passengers there. at least 167 of them are americans. their departure from libya had been delayed since wednesday because of strong winds and high seas. >>> in san francisco a rally took place this afternoon to show support for the uprising in libya. ktvu's rob roth found one man who is desperately trying to get in touch with his relatives in the volatile country. >> reporter: she tried calling tripoli this afternoon attempting to reach his
. >> reporter: president obama told governors they can count on him as they are being asked to stretch their budgets. >>> and who could be going against president obama in 2012. >> congress goes back to work tomorrow with the clock ticking. what a shut down could mean and what a lawmaker told us today about a deal on the table that could buy everyone a little more time. >>> take a look at this dramatic video tonight of a solar flair. just how long it lasted and the potential threat it posed. >>> we currently have cl >>> take a look at this, some impressive pictures this is a solar flair on the sun. this eruption occurred last thursday and lasted about 90 minutes. the eruption is the latest in a series of strong sun storms this month. the blast was directed away from earth and was not expected to disrupt satellite systems. >>> in chile today there were memorials and protests to mark one year since an 8.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 500 people. in one central chilean town. protesters set fires demanding that the government do more to rebuild the country. the president acknowled
they are saying. >> reporter: president obama has not called for the resignation of the president. he does insist that the president honor the pledges he made including not seeking reelection. why -- >>> the challenge is to help our partners take systemic steps to usher in a better future where people's voices are heard, their rights respected and their aspirations met. >> reporter: i'm matt cherry reporting from atlanta. >>> there are conflicting explanations tonight on just what caused a pipeline 0 explode near the egyptian border with gaza. egypt's natural gas company said that the fire was caused by a gas leak. but a local security official said the blast was set off by an explosive device. the pipeline carries natural gas to jordan and israel and is the third most strait strategically important. >> the shop owners were able to open for the first time in days. but this is costing egypt more than $10,000 a day in lost revenue. more than 10% of egyptian jobs are generated thru the tourism industry. tourism has dropped off drastically since the protests began. >> i gave my money on a daily basis
safely evacuated from libya, president obama is speaking out on the libyan leader. leland vitter reports. >> reporter: a strong condemnation from president obama on the violence and unrest in libya during a private phone call with the german chancellor he says the lib january leader must leave now. according to the white house mr. obama said. it's the first time the president has called on him to step down. the u.s. has revoked visas for top libyan officials and their family members and has frozen assets of loyalists held in american banks. >> we have had a problem in finding the right balance. but the truth is i don't believe in tough rhetoric unless we can back it up. because tough rhetoric without action makes america look weak. >> reporter: this as they pass out weapons to the companies supporters in tripoli. they are sending out patrols to maintain control in the city. tripoli is home to about a third of libya's six million people. but the leader's son went on t.v. and same the city is calm. >> there is a big distortion and deception campaign but, in fact, the libyans are aware of t
to open in 2018. >>> president obama gave congress his budget today totaling more than $3.7 trillion with a deficit of $1.1 trillion. speaking in maryland, president obama said the budget is all about tough choices and sacrifices, although the budget does not take on medicare, medicaid, or social security. the president is proposing increased spending by the commerce department to push invasion. education goes up more than 38% as an investment in the country's future. the defense department's budget shrinks almost 6% and labor is down 27% assuming the labor department won't need to pay out as much in employment benefits. >>> one brought people out in protests about housing. they say cuts have hurt the less fortunate. >> right now, the way things are going, poor people are losing, and we're losing bad. which is why we're in the streets in 19 cities, which is why we have to get ourselves together and be the change we voted for. >> the marchers complain public housing has been lost in the past decade while 800,000 jail cells have been built nationwide. >>> president obama is coming to t
been our message throughout this. >> meantime, egyptian officials complained that president obama seems to be trying to force out president mubarak, even as the obama administration stressing the importance of an orderly transition. >>> stanford university researcher had a front row seat to the start of the unrest. she was in cairo attending a conference last week, when the demonstration started. now she is back in palo alto, and using email to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in egypt after the egyptian government restored service to some sites today. >> i was up at 5:00 a.m., and one of my friends in egypt said that this was the first email he is sending. >> her friend said she is physically safe, but the country is bleeding. later this hour, we will take you to a bay area museum that specializes in egyptian art. see artifacts, much like the priceless antiquities that are now threatened in cairo, coming up at 10:30. we will be monitoring the live pictures out of cairo throughout this news hour for any developments and you can go to for the very latest, including a sl
obama attended last night in woodside. apple ceo steve jobs, google gary smith were also guests. in a second photo, the president is talking to mark zuckerburg, the 26 year old founder of facebook. the president continued his west coast visit today with a tour of the intel manufacturing facility outside of portland, oregon. afterwards, he said intel proves that education and worker training is a good investment, even when the economy is in trouble. last year intel unveiled a 10- year, $200 million commitment to promote math and science. >>> congress today passed a series of amendments to president obama's spending plan, one which shifts money from planned parenthood clinics. the debate generated a stunning first-hand story from jackie spear. mike webak went to her office, where the action was immediate. >> reporter: the phones rang, the e-mails filtered in. constituents thanking her for her words. congresswoman spear revealed her personal story during a debate on an amendment to eliminate funding for planned parenthood after one woman said nothing passionate about abortion, spea
the president met with cabinet members and promised to investigate. the obama administration says that cairo is taking steps in the right direction. >> our energy is focused on doing what we can to encourage this process of change. again, it's going to be bumpy. >> some egyptian banks opened today for the first time since the protests began. >>> a google executive is no longer missing in egypt tonight. he said he was held for 10 days. >> reporter: he did his first on camera interview today. in a translated interview, he expressed condolences to families of protesters and as the media to not treat him as a hero but to focus on the protests. it was a message he also tweeted seeing the real heroes were on the grounds. now for the first time, his family can go online without worrying about his safety and family members have been worried since video showed someone resembling him being seized by the military. >> he went to the square after that to protest because that is what he is good for you he is really involved with egypt. >> reporter: today, an expert shows how the machine has oppression and
the conversations president obama had during his recent bay area visit have begun to spill out. thursday night in wood side the president toasted silican valley stars from apple, google, oracle and facebook. the president's budget includes billions of the dollars for new r & d spending, those present also talked about education, work visas and taxes. >>> well there is good news tonight for venture capitalism. the venture group saw growth last year after three years of declining investment. venture funds collectively increased their investment by 19% from 2009, the number of deals also grew by 12% from the year before. this is the industry's first year to year growth since 2007. industry insiders said they are in recovery mode but hope the trends continues through this year. >>> jail officials say norman welsh made bond on friday after a judge reduced his bail. welsh's codefendant and friend christopher butler remains behind bars. welsh is accused of stealing and selling drugs. he was the head of the state's central contra costa's narcotics team. >>> two girls were injured yesterday when strong
president obama and governor brown is under investigation in california. one painted message says, governor brown will die soon. another said, why does obama lie. similar threats showed up last month less than a mile away. the secret service and the highway patrol are investigating. >>> representative jackie spears says she's hoping to fix a long-standing injunction as she calls on congress to help philipino veterans the same benefits as other veterans. >>> as we roll into the tuesday, a little warmer than this. lots of upper 50s tomorrow, we're dry for a couple of days then the forecast changes. tomorrow will be cold, some areas will be freezing. most areas around 30-degree. maybe a little frost. a cool start tomorrow and mostly sunny. the headline in the weather center and probably in the newsroom as we get into thursday and friday is going to be this very cold storm headed our way with low snow levels in the forecast. this system going down the coast today brought rain just a few miles offshore. showers never really reached the bay area. there were a few sprinkles in the south bay. a st
to their word, and they give the power to the people. >> president obama called on the egyptian military which now holds power, to honor its commitment to democracy. and he spoke of the privilege of watching history being made. >> the word tehrir means lib ration. it's a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. and forever more, it will remind us of the egyptian people. of what they did, of the things that they stood for, and how they changed their country, and in doing so, changed the world. >> reporter: president obama said the u.s. will remain a friend and partner to egypt. mubarak's ouster is not expected to affect u.s. military and economic aid to egypt, about 1.5 billion a year. mubarak himself is reportedly at hisville lee in a resort city. >>> the university of california professor is also celebrating the changes overseas after returning from kay ohio just lack week where she says she was beaten up. christian is live at the rally where the professor is celebrating right now. >> reporter: that u.c. davis professor was here at this rally. she left 15 mi
. >> president barack obama released his bublget for the coming fiscal year and includes deep cuts in domestic spending. >> if we're going to walk the wk , these kinds of cuts will be necessary. >> he called his budget a down t to the nation's long-term economic health. he said it would reduce the deficit by 1.1 trillion dollars during the next ten years and includes $33 billion in spending cuts and five-year freeze on non security discretionary spending but increased spending in the area of infrastructure, clean energy and education. the bay area's largest city says they may eliminate 1100 jobs. >> williams oversees 15 employey downtown. her husband died two years ago, and she worries she might be part of the next round of lay offs. >> i don't know if i'll be able to keep my house and pay all my bills because i'm barely making it now. >> shelving books is a part-timr david whose wife works in the library system. >> my wife and i are looking ele and can't find anything else. >> after looking every row and e , retirement costs are out of control. a projected $61 million this coming fiscal year
, president barack obama is at a dinner with a who's who of executive dinner. air force one touched down at 5:45 this evening. he was greeted by governor new00som. the -- nuwsom. the guest list is in the bay area millionaire including dick the ceo of twitter. the steve jobs and the ceo of apple, chairman of google and mark zuckerberg president and ceo of facebook. >>> the officials say 49-year- old norman welch supervised hundreds of investigations and he faces two dozen felony charges including possessing and selling marijuana, meth, and steroids. his arrest stunned everyone and it could lead to the dismissal of dozens of casees. >>> a wal-- casees. >>> a walnut creek police officer who investigators child sex crimes is now accused of having sex with a minor. he has been arrested but has not been charged. he sat down for an exclusive interview with his attorney. >> they will also not offend and not reoffend. >> reporter: this is shawn wallace during an interview with ktvu after a sting operation that targeted sex offenders. >> if we are out doing the searches and contacting these people the
this period, and my hope is that he will end up making the right decision. >> the obama administration repn officials with the newly appointed vice-president as interim president. >>> one executive from google has mistously disappeared from egypt -- mysteriously disappeared from egypt. >> students and american-egyptif ongoing campaigns to rally support. protesters believe marketing director has been incarcerated for taking part in a protest in cairo on january 25th. >> it's perfect example of somey , an executive at google, but what he said, i'm not fighting for my right of democracy. i'm fighting for the person that can't stand by himself. >> they said the company is doig they can, but can't confirm if messages or supposedly internet video are authentic. family and friends say he has sent twitter messages that he was worried about the government planning a war crime against people just before the violence broke out, and that he did plan to take part in protests against the government. protesters with relatives in egypt say his appearance and other demonstrators is turning the tide of publi
twitter customers, the obama administration and social media is a political player. >> it is a big form of communication and social mobilization in egypt. >> reporter: a statement e- mailed to us from twitter says, along with the rest of the world we are watching closely. are humbled by the way the people there have used twitter to communicate with each other and people around the globe. at the social media strategies summit today, entrepreneurs and analysts talked about the commercial and political potential of facebook and twitter. >> i think it is a wake-up call to anyone who was in a position of power and control. >> reporter: before the president's speeches afternoon sun facebook users posted a countdown clock until his exit. twitter feeds filled up with angry tweets and prayers for peace in egypt. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> twitter seems to be rising be facebook and quicker have talked to twitter about a possible acquisition but so far those talks have not been productive. twitter is privately held and could be worth $8 to $10 billion. >>> officials announced today
, president obama said egypt must lift the emergency powers in place and hold free and fair elections. what happens next in egypt is far from clear. right now, the military is in charge. today the troops on the streets celebrated with civilians. it is significant that early on the military said it wouldn't fire on protestors. some said the generals may have been hedging to see which side would come out on top, and the military men now in charge have had close ties to hosni mubarak for years. tonight, we spoke with a uc berkeley expert in regime change and he has concerns. >> the military could still choose to tilt things in favor of one force or another. a lot of generals are used to doing things hosni mubarak way. >> it will be noteworthy how soon elections are held and if the power of the president will be reduced. stay with ktvu and we're keeping up to date with the latest information out of cairo. >>> stocks began in red, but fears were eased that unrest could spread in the middle east. the dow ended up 43 points higher, reaching its highest close since june of 2008. the n
, and news of corporate deals push the dow jones hire. the nasdaq was up 21 today. >>> president obama is expected to visit the bay area tomorrow evening, and meet privately with silicon valley executives, including facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the white house says they will focus on promoting american invasion, and clean energy. >> rally the troops, get people behind him, so he can get his programs through. >> on monday, the president released his budget proposal for the next year. in it featured an array of job creation strategy. some $180 billion in research funding. >>> near the sierra, it has been snowing much of the day. tonight, it is still coming down. live in the sierra, where conditions right now are making things miserable for drivers. including some, who were caught completely offguard. >> reporter: that's true. you can see the snow coming down. especially coming down sideways, because the wind has really picked up in the past hour. at 6:00, we dropped our snow shovel here on the ground, just to give you an idea of how much snow would accumulate over a few hours here.
to the redevelopment money be taken. lloyd lacuesta. >>> a federal judge rejected a challenge to the obama health care reform administration. it's the third that has happened. a district judge dismissed the lawsuit which claims that -- the lawsuit was brought by a christian legal group founded by pat robertson. so far three democrat appointed judges have dismissed the law. three democratic judges have ruled all or part of the law is unconstitutional. >>> the shut down of the federal government could have a powerful impact on the private- sector. >> there are plenty of people who are not going to be able to do their job who are in the private-sector because the federal government has always shut down. >> dwight boeman is with the organization of federal employees. right now there's a march 4th deadline for avoiding the first federal shut down since 1945. >>> the state department announced it will evacuate americans from libya starting tomorrow morning. tripoli's airport has been jammed with people trying to escape. tomorrow a ferry will take as many americans as possible to the island of malta in the m
obama suggested time was running out. >> what is clear, and what indicated tonight to president mubarkak is that a transition must be peaceful and it must begin now. >> the egyptian protesters have been an inspiration. today's rallies were the largest since the demonstrations started last week. they were called the march of millions all these the count was 250,000. and the military kept its promise not to fire on people. >>> and later, a man who just arrived from egypt and why he feels torn between two lands. >>> a car hit an officers motorcycle about 6:30 p.m. chief ken james said the officer was taken to highland hospital. the chief told us there has been no decision on whether to file charges against the driver of the car. >>> a delicate rescue operation yielded positive results this evening when a labrador and squared sheep were rescued from a cliff that lies between the nevada avenue. the dog named sparkle scared the sheep called pete pan up the hill. it took more than an hour to bring sparkle and peter pan down safely. >>> and it's one of five u.s. luxury hotels in bankruptcy. bord
reserve reports americans borrowed a combined $6.1 billion in the month of december. >>> president obama reach out to business leaders today as sales men in chief. he says he will go any where to be a booster for american business, american workers and american products. >> ask yourself what you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to support the american economy and invest in this nation. >> reporter: the president acknowledged his past prickly relationship with the business district. >>> many of the nation's unemployed have had trouble finding work. >>> google tonight or rather tonight we are learning more about the google executive just released in egypt and the role he is playing in organizing the protest there. while he cried during his tv interview today. he said he uptwo days after the protests started. he said that he was blindfolded much of the time he was detained but not mistreated. he did acknowledge that he had set up a facebook page that was instrumental in organizing the demonstrations. a family member from the south bay said after he was released he immed
hopes to see egypt become a democracy by september. >>> president obama also said in a statement he is inpatient. we are monitoring the developments on >>> late night ac transit buses are getting a law enforcement escort in one part of north richmond tonight. that after a shooting about this time last night left a bus riddled with bullet holes. drivers were ready to boycott, debra. >> reporter: without protection they said they wouldn't drive tonight, so ac transit scrambles to tkpwáet get a sheriff deputy to tail them during the most dangerous spots. it's such a dangerous line, ac transit has thought about eliminating. >> people are being beat up. people are being robbed, people are being shot. >> reporter: bydown men who pretend they are riding but board just to prey on people. >> they get on the bus, they will lift their shift and show the operator that they have a gun. depending on what they wanted to do, they just have their way. >> reporter: just last night, a group targeted this bus, riddling it with bullets. it's the fifth violent incident this year after nine la
,000. >> the obama administration is trying to set up a new dial type of project that includes california. it's a high speed rail enterprise designed to create jobs and make the country more globally competitive. >> we cannot compromise in education, invasion or infrastructure. the rest of the world is not compromising on education, infrastructure or invasion. >> if congress approves the plan the first $8 billion would go to developing or improving trains that travel up to 250- miles-an-hour and to connecting existing rail lines to this project. during the state of the union address, the president said he wants to give 200,000 people access to high speed trains this year. >>> the newspaper report says scalen is the highest paid transit boss in california with a salary of more than $400,000. but the transit district says scalon's basal base salary is a little more than 240,000. >>> nurses at stanford hospital and lucilee hospital is calling it a declaration of war. the hospital has announced they will implement a contract that the nurses rejected almost a year ago. negotiations and the effo
to the obama health care reform overhaul plan today in florida. it was ruled the reform legislation was unconstitutional and congress cannot require all americans to purchase health insurance or face penalties if they don't. he said that requirement is so intwined with the overall law the entire law is invalid. the florida judge is the second federal judge to find the insurance requirement unconstitutional. >>> a former head of napa state hospital took the witness stand to deny allegations he sexually abused his adoptive son and 12 others. the charges date as far back as 1965. he testified his adoptive son has a troubled history and often lies and denied sexually abusing the others. the trial is expected to wrap up tomorrow. >>> the daughter of a napa state hospital worker slain at the hospital filed a claim today in her mother's death. police say a patient robbed and killed donna gross last october. her daughter says the state hospital failed to comply with an agreement signed in federal court to require safe conditions for workers. the state has six months to settle the claim or f
had nothing to do with the killing. >>> president obama called yemen's president today urging him to follow through on promises to reform the government. >>> in australia, the worse storm in nearly a century has left behind widespread damage in the northeast. the cyclone had winds of up to 170-miles-an-hour. australia's banana and sugar crops were devastated. despite the fierce storm no deaths were reported. >>> and in hong kong, this is day one of the year of the rabbit. people celebrated by watching a parade that featured performers from around the world including the u.s. one broker made a tongue and cheek prediction for the year of the rabbit forcasting an up and down year hopping like a rabbit. >>> 29-year-old anthony carlio was arrested today by police. this surveillance video shows the robber running through the lobby. he was arrested this morning when he tried to sell them to undercover officers. >>> verizon started taking orders for the iphone. some customers received error messages when trying to order the phone on verizon's website. tonight we asked verizon how many the
with israel. the prime minister said it's a corner stone to peace and stability. president obama said it'll provide any support to egypt as they transition. >> egyptian americans here in the bay area reacted with joy to the end of the era but there is also worry about their future. john got reaction at a rally in san francisc >> reporter: across from city hall egyptians continued celebrating. >> i have a friend of mine pinch me that i -- that it happened, did he really leave, did we succeed to get him out after 30 years. >> reporter: indeed they did. the crowd with amnesty international are looking to the future. >> the day as head must bring a new focus toward achieving human rights protections for all. >> reporter: it wasn't all celebration . the group also honored the 300 people killed in egypt's demonstrations. >> reporter: but it was mostly joy. >> this is a considerablely smaller crowd than in past demonstrations but maybe they are all overwhelmed by what happened. last saturday there were several thousand demonstrators, today about 100. >> we saw that we are trying -- we are
. >>> president obama today called the suffering and bloodshed in libya outrageous and unacceptable. as ktvu's rita williams reports, more and more of that north african region is now in the hands of protestors. >> reporter: if you want to see what protestors east of tripoli think of their leader, look at this. the tomming of a replica -- toppling of a replica of momar gadaffi's manifest owe. and in a city to the west his picture was set afire. >> we will continue even if we have to confront you with our bare hands. >> reporter: most pictures we are seeing now are shot by cell phones. so pro gadaffi forces at check points are reportedly stopping people with cell phones and seizing and destroying the data cards inside to try to limit the violent i am a.m.s getting out -- images getting out of libya. protestors say armored jeeps where gadaffi is and they are firing automatic weapons. >> right now he does seem to be showing a willingness to slaughter anybody he needs to. >> reporter: uc berkeley political science professor stephen fish, a regime change specialist says the world hasn't seen anyt
receive health insurance, mental health help and a monthly stipend. last year president obama signed a law instructing the va to help whose who are caregivers for veterans. >> on wall street the governor said unemployment could remain down for years. the eighth day in a row the dow was up. and national dangs dab was down today. >> nokia is set for a shakeup. the memo says nokia has missed trends and fallen behind apple and google. he described it as like being on a burning platform. analysts say nokia may announce a partnership with microsoft or google. and fans of apple's iphones have only hours to wait now before they can go buy the new verizon iphone 4. it goes on sale tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. at apple and verizon stores. customers have been able to place orders online for iphones to be picked up tomorrow. they start at 199. [ music ] >>> i am just hearing other people win. i was like oh, my god. do not cry. do not cry. >> a part of "american idol" you haven't seen. we will take you inside the show's san francisco auditions coming up next. >> a new . >>> tonight we take you behind the
haener. the obama administration is pushing for a swift transition of power in egypt. right now it is 8:00 saturday morning in cairo. day twelve of the protest there. while the egyptian president remains in power, there is word of discussions now underway behind the scenes for the long- time leader to turn over control of the government. ktvu's rita williams reports. >> reporter: more than 100,000 strong, protestors seemed re- charged and more determined. they chant and they pray. soldiers finally got involved checking ids at entrances to keep out trouble makers with weapons. it seemed to work. leaving a largely peaceful protest in the square. but the walking wounded, hurt in clashes the passed two days, were reminders of how quickly the situation can change. and indeed outside the checkpoints there still were confrontations between the pro and anti groups. what was billed as the day of departure for egyptian president didn't live up to its name. he stayed. but the united states stepped up the pressure. >> we want to see this moment of turmoil turn into a moment of opportunity. >> repor
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